Electronic Drug Price Monitoring System (EDPMS)


 This is a computer based system which will monitors all drug prices, distribution and inventory in relation to the Generic Act Law.

Integerated Clinic Information System (iClinicSys)


 A webbased system that efficiently and effectively monitors patient cases in the Rural Health Units (RHUs).

Integrated Chronic Non-communicable Disease Registry System (Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, COPD)

 Registry of persons with chronic illnesses.

Integrated Drug Test Operation and Management Information System (IDTOMIS)


 An integrated system that captures data for accrediting drug testing laboratories and rehabilitation centers, drug testing operations at different levels of implementation, verification of pending transactions, monitoring and evaluation of standards, systems and performance.

Integrated Hospital Operations and Management Information System (iHOMIS)


 iHOMIS is a Windows based computerized hospital information system for government hospitals.


Integrated TB Information System (ITIS)


 This system harmonizes all the electronic TB systems such as the Philippine Electronic Tuberculosis Registry (Phil-ETR) and Electronic Tuberculosis Manager (e-TB Manager).

Online National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (ONEISS)


 The system aims to establish a database registry for the systematic collection, consolidation, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of injury and injury-related information for epidemiologic studies, policy formulation and development of injury prevention programs.

Philippine Registry for Persons with Disability


 A national registration and reporting system for specific types of disabilities and the issuance of unique identification numbers for discounts and other benefits implemented in coordination with the National Council on Disability Affairs.

National Rabies Information System (NaRIS)


 A system that allows each Animal Bite Treatment Centers (ABTC) to capture bite patient records and generate reports, at the same time make this data available to program managers at national, regional and provincial levels. It serves as the online bite and rabies registry and inventory card where trained animal bite treatment center personnel will input patient-based data ideally at the point of care.

Violence Against Women and Children Registry System


 Is a web based system which enables health facilities to encode or upload VAWC related data. The system improves data collection, processing, validation, analysis and dissemination of information regarding violence.

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