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  At present, there is a need to improve or strengthen coordination to integrate the various programs, projects, standards, systems, and policies in the Department of Health. The Unified Health Management Information System (UHMIS) aims to integrate data collection, processing, reporting and use of the information which is necessary for improving health service efficiency and effectiveness. The outputs of the UHMIS will assist in the management and planning of health programs. Specifically, the development of the UHMIS will put in place standards related to policy formulation, data collection and transmission, data analysis, presentation, reporting and utilization.


  The current patchwork of data systems will be transformed into a unified health management information system in the Philippines. Data from various sources can be brought together and will allow the Department of Health to assess trends in diseases, injuries, disabilities, health service access, and deaths. All DOH Information Systems can be accessed through the UHMIS and related databases are stored in the DOH Central Database Warehouse.

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