Legal Basis
» Executive order No. 352 s. 1996 «

“Designation of Statistical Activities that will generate critical data for decision-making of the government and private sector. This mandates FHSIS for the DOH to generate these critical data.  
» Joint Memorandum of the DILG and DOH Circular 3 s. 1997 «

“Enjoyed all Local Government Units to continuously submit health reports according to previously prescribed guidelines and format until modified and revised. These guidelines and format are governed by the system called FHSIS.”  
» Republic Act 3573 «

Law of Reporting of Communicable Diseases requires all individuals and health facilities to report notifiable diseases to local and national health authorities.
» Administrative Order No. 2005-0023 «

“Implementing Guidelines for Fourmula One for Health as Framework for Health Reforms,” Section C2.c.iii, states that, “Disease surveillance shall be intensified to ensure that the targets for disease elimination, prevention and control are attained.”
» Administrative Order No. 2011-0010 «

“Implementing Procedures and Guidelines in Reporting Field Health Services Data to The DOH Central Office.”
» Administrative Order No. 2013-0025 «

“National Implementation of Health Data Standards for eHealth Standardization and Interoperability.”

» aligned with the Aquino Health Agenda (AHA) in achieving Universal Health Care (UHC): (1) providing accurate and timely information and feedback on performance; (2) One of the six strategic instruments to provide Health Information

» included in the eHealth Framework Plan and Commitment (MDG, World Summit and 58th World Health Assembly)

Schedule of Activities
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