What is iClinicsys?

Supports the functions of a clinic, i.e. barangay health station, rural health unit, or other health care facility that is devoted to providing primary health care service of patients

Provides a systematic way to manage patient records and generates standardized reporting requirements both at the local and national level  



System Features

1. Field Health Services Program (e.g. Maternal Care, Family Planning, Child Care, Dental Care,
    Tuberculosis, Filariasis, Malaria, Leprosy, Environmental Health, Natality, Morbidity, Mortality)

2. Unified Disease Registries (Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, COPD, Injuries and others

3. Watching Over Mother Babies (WOMB)

    a. Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program of the DSWD

4. Philippine Health Information Exchange

      a. Philhealth Systems (e.g. Membership Verification, Philhealth Membership Registration for

         New Members, Tsekap Benefits)
    b. Maternal and Neonatal Death Reporting System

What are the benefits on using iClinicSys?

1. Efficiency Gains

    - Enhanced health workforce productivity in retrieving patient information, record keeping, administration and referrals

2. Improved Quality of Care

    - Reduced instances of medically avoidable adverse events
    - Improved ability to monitor compliance to medications and other treatment regimes

3. Improved Operations Planning and Management

    - Improved access to quality data to inform healthcare service and workforce planning and development

4. Improved Health Monitoring & Reporting

    - Track patients’ data over time
    - Monitor how patients measure up to certain parameters like vital signs (e.g. blood pressure readings, respiratory rate readings), vaccinations, and others
    - Identify patients who are scheduled for visits
    - Improved ability to support surveillance and management of public health interventions
    - Improved ability to report and analyze health outcomes

5 Innovation & Growth

    - Use of health data standards comply or conform to national requirements
    - Complies to DOH health data reporting requirements (e.g. FHSIS, disease registries and surveillance, inventory)
    - Philhealth reporting requirements (TSeKAP)
    - Other government agency reporting collaboration
    - Increased opportunity for continuing innovations

Conceptual Diagram



What do you need to use iClinicSys?

1. Computer / Tablet/ Smart phones

2. Internet Connection

3. Internet Browser Google Chrome OR Mozilla Firefox

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