Integrated Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases Registry System

What is ICNDRS?

• An online reporting of cancer, diabetes, COPD, stroke, blindness, mental and CAD data from health facilities, and includes the uploading of data from the Philippine Renal Disease Registry System.

• One important feature of the system is the centralized issuance of patient identification code or number for better analysis of the risk factors and program interventions to be done by the DOH.

Provides a systematic way to manage patient records and generates standardized reporting requirements both at the local and national level  


• The Integrated Chronic Non-Communicable Disease Registry System software was developed as a result from the Department of Health’s efforts to assess the existing disease registries in attempts to provide policy makers and program managers with essential data.

• Through ICNCDRS, policy makers and program managers will have access and linkage to these registry systems where they can gather/ collect meaningful information which can be very useful in making sound and solid decision for public health care.  

System Features

1. Registry of Cancer Data

2. Registry of COPD Data

3. Registry of Diabetes Data

4. Registry of Stroke Data

5. Registry of Blindness

6. Registry of Coronary Artery Disease

7. Registry of Mental Health

8. Uploading of Renal Disease Registry

System Objectives

1. Provide accurate, complete and timely reporting of disease related data for decision making and for developing program interventions.

2. Improve the collection, processing and generation of statistical reports for decision making, program management and monitoring.

3. Achieve integration of chronic non-communicable disease data from different sources.

4. Strengthen coordination, communication, collaboration among the different health facilities and the DOH through the reporting system.

5. Provide an effective and efficient tool for monitoring disease related data or information.

Conceptual Diagram



What do you need to use ICNDRS?

1. Computer / Tablet/ Smart phones

2. Internet Connection

3. Internet Browser Google Chrome OR Mozilla Firefox

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